Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sift Happnes

Shift Happens

From: jbrenman, 8 months ago

This is a stylization of a slideshow originally created by Karl Fisch, examining globalization and America’s future in the 21st century. It is designed to stand alone, without having to be presented in person. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IIT Bombay....

Its comin closer.. ma days left here are few..
clock is running fast.. and me.. goin into past..

Lookin back..sweet memories.. memories of lifetime...

A journey, wish shall never end...

A life which is to end
only when i am no more
a life which transfered me
in fighter to the core

a season of love and friendship
for eternity which will last
in my future to follow
i will long to relive this past

memories of this part of journey
i'll carry all life along
memories of those precious moments
which made my life a beautiful song

my eyes go teary
emotions fill my heart
as my days left here are few
no it's time to bid adieu

Program in C for False position method...

Important notes:
1. while running the program replace [] (in #include )by less than and greater than symbol since i cant publish post with those symbol.
2. if there is written like less than then use symbol in actual program.

/*programm for false-position
method by HEMANT ABHARE.*/
#define epsilon 1e-6
/*this is a programm to find out root
of the equation x^10-15=0 by false-position

double g1,g2,g,v,v1,v2,dx;
int found,converged,i;
printf("enter the first guess\n");
printf(" value 1 is %lf\n",v1);
while (found==0)
printf(" enter the second guess\n");
printf(" value 2 is %lf\n",v2);
if (v1*v2>0)
printf("right guess\n");
while (converged==0)
printf("\n iteration=%d\n",i);
printf(" new gues is %lf\n",g);
printf("new value is%lf\n",v);
if (v*v1>0)
printf(" the next guess is %lf\n",g);
printf(" the next guess is %lf\n",g);
if (fabs(dx)'less than'epsilon)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Program in C for Modified Newton Raphson Method...

Here is code for Modified Newton Raphson Method

Important notes:
1. while running the program replace [] (in #include )by less than and greater than symbol since i cant publish post with those symbol.
2. if there is written like less than then use symbol in actual program.

/*programm for modified newton raphson method*/
#define epsilon 1e-6
/*This is a programm based on modified
newton raphson method to
find out root of the equation x^3-5*x^2+7*x-3=0*/
double g,g1,v,v1,v2,x,dx;

int converged=0,i;
printf("plz enter the guess value\n");
while (converged==0)
printf("\n iteration no=%d\n",i);
printf("new guess is=%lf\n",g);

if (fabs(dx)'less than'epsilon)
printf("the root of equation is=%lf

Program in C for Bisection method...

Here is code for Bisection method. Documented code in C.
Important notes:
1. while running the program replace [] (in #include )by less than and greater than symbol since i cant publish post with those symbol.
2. if there is written like less than then use symbol in actual program.

/*programm for bisecion method by hemant abhare*/
#define epsilon 1e-6
double g1,g2,g,v,v1,v2,dx;
int found,converged,i;
printf(" enter the first guess\n");
printf("value 1 is %lf\n",v1);

while (found==0)
printf("enter the second guess\n");
printf(" value 2 is %lf\n",v2);
if (v1*v2>0)
printf("right guess\n");

while (converged==0)
printf("\n iteration=%d\n",i);
printf("new guess is %lf\n",g);
printf("new value is%lf\n",v);
if (v*v1>0)
printf("the next guess is %lf\n",g);
printf("the next guess is %lf\n",g);
if (fabs(dx)'less than' epsilon
printf("\nth calculated value is %lf\n",v);

Program in C for Gause Seidel method...

Though I am not smart programmer but still here is code in C for Gause Seidel method...

Important notes:
1. while running the program replace [] (in #include )by less than and greater than symbol since i cant publish post with those symbol.
2. if there is written like less than then use symbol in actual program.
/*program for guass siedel by Hemant Abhare. 1st year corrosion sci &
engg.Roll no:06316005*/
#define epsilon 1e-6
void main()
int i,j,n,k,m;
float sum,s,xi,d;
float x[20],a[20][20],b[1];
double e=0;
printf("\n ****Gauss Seidel Method**** ");
printf("\n Enter no. of eqn.: \t");

printf("\n Enter Augumented matrix [A] :");
printf("\n a[%d][%d]=%f\n",i,j,a[i][j]);
printf("\n b[%d]=%f\n",i,b[i]);
printf("Enter the initial appx for
printf("\n x[%d]=%f\n",i,x[i]);
printf("diagonal elements are zero,
solution not possible without pivoting\n");
printf("\n x[%d]=%f\n",i,xi);
while ((d>= epsilon));
printf("\n Result :-");
printf("\n x[%d]=%f ",i,x[i]);

Color of Life

Color Of Life

From: abhare.hemant, 9 minutes ago

Color of life..watching all the colors..

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From: abhare.hemant, 15 hours ago

Its a wonderful world...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rare photographs

Rare Photographs II

From: abhare.hemant, 8 minutes ago

This is second part of rare photographs.. enjoy the journey...
will be back.. till den.. enjoy life..cheers...

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Rare Photographs..

Rare Photographs

From: abhare.hemant, 31 minutes ago

It is said that a picture can represent the thousand words.. words which we cant express. This is one of my collection of rare photographs. Photographs which made the history.. every picture in unique in its own sense.. just watch it.. enjoy it.. feel it.. and comment.. cheers

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Best line ever I have came across about Love..

Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offenses and is not resenful.
Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sin but delights in the truth.
It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure, whatever comes.......

Love, I donno how many people can understand it, how many people follow it. What I found is most of the people are confused, confused between 'Love' and 'Desire'...
Differntiating between Love and Desire may be most difficult thing, and this is where people are going wrong.. though I am Love guru but a kin observer..Love is very heavy shud not use it all da time..if u mean it den u shud use it...u might end up in hurting someone...

Now a days people are using I love You, just to get laid down.. People say, dis genration is quite fast.. so girl/boy of age 16-17 are couple, they feel dat dey r in love..and after couple of months or years (?) .. brake up.. and girls endup in saying "All boys are basturd" and boys end up in saying "All girls are bitches"... when I heard such kinda comments i just laugh..wht is happening? whats wrong.. who is wrong..?


Special one..

Arz hai...

Masoom si Mohabbat ka bus itna sa Fasana hai

Kagaz ki Haweli hai, Baarish ka Zamaana hai

Kya Shart-e-Mohabbat hai, kya Shart-e-Zamana hai
Aawaz bhi Zakhmi hai aur wo Geet bhi gana hai

Uss paar utrne ki Umeed boht kam hai
Kashti bhi Puraani hai, Toofaan bhi aana hai

Samajhe ya na samjhe wo Andaaz-e-Mohabbat ka
Ek khaas ko Aankhon se ek sher sunaana hai

Bholi si ada, koi phir Ishq ki Zid per hai
Phir Aag ka Darya hai.. Aur Doob ke jana hai


Manzil bhi usi ki thi rasta bhi usi ka tha
main akela tha kafila bhi usi ka tha
saath saath chale ki sochi fir rasta badalne ka faisla bhi usi ka tha
aaj tanha dil ye sawal karta hai
log to usi k the,kya khuda bhi usi ka tha


Sher O Shayri.. Part V

Arz hai...


jo ansu na hote annkho aankhe itni khoobsurat na hoti..!!!!!!!
jo dard na hota dil khushi ki kimat pata na hoti..!!!!!!!
jo bewafai na ki hoti waqt wafa ki kabhi chahat na hoti..!!!!!!
Agar maangne se puri ho jaati uss khuda ki kabhi Zaruratt na hoti..!!!!!!!!




Dil jeet le vo zigar ham bhi rakte hai
katil jo kar de vo nazar ham bhi rakhte hai
ye to umr bhar muskurane ka wada hai sirf aap se
warna in aankon me samundar ham bhi rakhte hai


me toh yado ke chirago ko jalane me raha
dil ki dehleez ko asqo se sajne me raha
mud gayi wo toh sikko ki kanak sunkar
me gareebi ki lakero ko mittane me raha






Yeh ranj yeh musibat hissa hain jindagi ka,
Gam ko khushi banana hain kam aadmi ka,
Thokhar kismat ki khakar bhi jo muskurayeen,
ek roj badake aage manzil use gale lagayee.


Safar-e-zindagi main ate hain padaaav bahut
Har subah ek nayee manzeel ki talaash main chale chal


Talab hai jahan aasma ko bijliya girane ki,....
garz hai hamein bhi wahi aashiyan banane ki.


yeh seediyan unhe mubarak jinhe chhat par jaana hai,

jo aasma ki aarzu rakhte hain, unhe apna raasta khud banana hai.


EK vadaa tha tera her vade ke peche...
tu mile ga mujhe her gali darwaaze ke peche...
per tu hi bewafa nikla.aikk tu hi na tha mere janaze ke peche...


Kaash Wadon Ka Matlab Tum Samajhte...
Kaash Khamoshi Ka Matlab Tum Samajhte...
Nazren Kehti Hai Tumse Hazaar Baatein...
Kaash Meri Nazer Ka Matlab Tum Samajhte.


bheegi palkon k sang muskurate hain hm...
pal pal dil ko bhelate hain hm.....
aap dur hain humse to kia hua...
har sans main apki ahat pate hain hm


Kafan na daalo mere chehre pe
Mujhe aadat hai muskurane ki
Aaj ki raat na dafnao mujhe yaaro
Aaj ummeed hai unke aane ki


Raafta raafta kar mudatto me bhule hai hum unko…
Kisto me khudkhusi ka maza humse puchiye


ai waqt teri panah se ik lamha chura loon main ,
muddat se dafn nazar mein do ashq baha loon main.
sifar ab saugat-e-jindagi , ik khwahish ada kar de.
tasavvur mein sahi ik lamha uski jhalak ko paa loon main.


Humne Bhee Kisi Say Pyar Kia Tha,
Thoora Nahi Beshumar Kia Tha,
Hamari Tu Dunya He Badal Gaye Jab Us Ny Kaha.
Aray Pagal Mainay Tu Sirf Mazak Kia Tha.....


jis aur to chal pada hai mere dost, mere humsafar..
vahan haale dil bayan nahi karte..
kuch aankhen naa keh jaye, isliye palkein uthaya nahi karte
jab chirag jalte hai tab khud se kar lete hai doo chaar baatin..
yu shikwa yun gila zamane se nahi karte..


Woh Jafa Kartay Rahe Hum Wafa Kartay Rahe
Apan Apna Farz Tha Dono Ada Kartay Rahe..


Wada Kartay Hai,Kasamein Khatay Hai
Phr Bhee Pata Nahi Saath Kiu Choor Jatay Hai
Hame Tu Takleef Hotee Hai Phool Toodne Mai Bhee
Pata Nahi Loog Dil Kaisay Toor Jatay Hai .


Kitnay Naadan Thay Tufaan Ko Kinara Samjha
kitnay Bejan Saharo Ko Sahara Samjha
Kitnay Kamzarf Thay Woh Loog Jo Sahil Pay Thay
Hume Doobta Dekha Tu Nazara Samjah.


Ek Janaze ko dekhk ladki muskrayi,Ek baba bole-Beti kisiki mautPar yu muskraya nai karte,Ladki boli Baba Vada kiyathaJab b milnge mskraynge


Tere pyar main umar bhar intezar kiya,tere pyar main umar bhar intezar kiya or uss intezar main na jaane kitno se pyar kiya!


Haath mein taqat hai to tajmahal ko hilakar dekh varna aa baith do peg whisky maar aur tajmahal ko hilta hua dekh


Ek lamhe mein unhone zindagi sawardi, ek lamhe mein zindagi ujardi, kasoor unka nahi hamara tha, jo in Do lamho mein humne zindagi guzar de.


Na poocho mere sabr ki inteha kaha tak hai ...
wo karle sitam uski taakat jaha talk hai...
wafa ki umeed kisko hai..
abto dekhna hai wo bewafa kaha tak hai!!


Ye dard ha meri koi saugaat nahi
ye bewaqt ka sawan hai koi barssat nahi
ye sart hai meri wo hotho se pilaye
mai jahar bhi pee looga koi baat na


e-kaanch banane wale mera dil bhi sheeshe ka banaya hota, todne wale k haathon mein zakhm to aaya hota.


aaye na bhale tumhe yaad hamari,
hum hamesha karenge fariyaad tumhari,
bewafa the wo, hum na kahenge kisi se,
kahenge ki shayad kami thi wafa me hamari


Teri guzaarish hai, tujhe tere mehboob se mila doo
Uski sifaarish hai, main aaj kisi rote ko hasaa doo


Kal fursat na mili to kya hoga?
Itni mohlat na mili to kya hoga ?
Roz kehte ho kal mileinge-kal mileinge,
Kal aankhein hi na khuli to kya hoga


jakham itne gehre hai izhar kya karen,
Hum khud nisana ban gaye hai waar kya karen,
mar gaye hum magar khuli rahi aakhe,
ab is se jyada unka intjaar kya karen


us rishte ka koi anjaam koi aagaaz nahi tha
ada thi usme par mujh mein koi andaaz nahi tha
kal maine poochha, uske paas koi raaz nahi tha
aaj poochha usne aur mere paas alfaaz nahi tha


Mujhe khush rakhne ka unka khayaal achha hai
Par main unke layak hoon bhi ya nahi, ye sawaal achha hai


Sher O Shayri...Part IV

Arz hai...

baal faila kar jab koi mehbooba kabar par roti hai...........
tab mehsoos hota hai ke mout kitni haseen hoti hai........


hamare baad aapko apna banane kaun aayega........
rulane toh sab aayenge ,hansane kaun aayega......

badi mushkil hai chahat ki sabhi rasmein aur sabhi kasmein
karenge pyar sab ,nibhane kaun aayega.........
rulane toh sab aayenge hansane kaun aayega....

kahin majbooriya hogi, kahin tanhaaiya hogi
aapko har mod par raasta dikhane kaun aayega..
rulane toh sab aayenge hansane kaun aayega....

zaroorat har kisi ko hogi aapki meharbaani ki
sitam sehkar aapko apna banane kaun aayega....
rulane toh sab aayenge hansane kaun aayega....

hamare baad aapko apna banane kaun aayega.....
rulane toh sab aayenge hansane kaun aayega....


Kabhi ro ke muskuraye..
Kabhi muskura ke roye..

Uski yaad jab bhi aayi,
use bhula ke roye...

Ek uska hi naam tha jise hazaar baar likha,
Jitna likh ke khush hue,
Us se zyada mita ke roye!!!


la pila de sakiya paimanaa paimaane ke baad

baat matlab ki karunga hosh aane ke baad

zindagi main do hi pal mujhpe guzre hai kathin

ek tere aane se pehle ek tere jaane ke baad..


Bahut khushiya hai aas-pass,
Mujhe khush karne ke liye,
Phir bhi koi waja doondhta hoon,
Shayad main muskuraane ke liye..!!


Na Thi Jisko Mere Pyaar Ki Kadar,

Ittefaq Se Ussi Ko Chah Raha Tha Main,

Ussi Diye Ne Jalaya Mere Haath Ko,

Jisko Hawa Se Bacha Raha Tha Main……


Vo rula kar has na paya der tak
Jab mein ro kar muskuraya der tak

Bhoolna chaha magar us ko kabhi
Or bhi vo yaad aaya der tak.


Masoom si Mohabbat ka bus itna sa Fasana hai
Kagaz ki Haweli hai, Baarish ka Zamaana hai

Kya Shart-e-Mohabbat hai, kya Shart-e-Zamana hai
Aawaz bhi Zakhmi hai aur wo Geet bhi gana hai

Uss paar utrne ki Umeed boht kam hai
Kashti bhi Puraani hai, Toofaan bhi aana hai

Samajhe ya na samjhe wo Andaaz-e-Mohabbat ka
Ek khaas ko Aankhon se ek sher sunaana hai

Bholi si ada, koi phir Ishq ki Zid per hai
Phir Aag ka Darya hai.. Aur Doob ke jana hai


sab se chupa ker dard,jo wo muskara dia,

uski hansi na tu aj muj ko rula dia,

lehjay se uth rahi thi har ik dard ki dastan,

chehra bata raha tha k sab kuch ganwa dia,

awaz mein thehrao tha ankhon mein nami thi

aur keh raha tha k mein ne sab kuch bhula diya


Kitna roya tha teri khatir...
ab jo ye sochoun bhi tu hansi aati hai...


Mazaa lena hai barsaat ka to meri aankhon me aa baitho,
wo barson me kahin barse ye barson se barasti hain.


Musafir hain hum bhi musafir ho tum bhi
Kisi more per phir mulaqat hogi

Chiragon ko aankhon mein mehfooz rakhna
Bari door tak raat hi raat hogi


Kabhi khola ghar ka darwaza khadi thi samne manzil
Kabhi manzil ko aane mein zamane beet jate hein
Ek ek pal mein toot jate hein umr bhar ke woh rishtey
Woh rishtey jo banane mein zamane beet jate hein


Geele kagaj ki tarah hai jindagi apni,
koi bahata bhi nahi koi jalata bhi nahi...
Is kadar akele hain rahon me dil ke hum,
ab koi satata bhi koi manata bhi nahi....


"hui muddat aane wala ..... aaya hi nahi
aab ye kehta hai ke maine bulaya hi nahi

Gum ko aansoun se to mai bhi poat deta per
tere baad mujhe kisine rulaya hi nahi


tere wajood ki khusbo basi hai sansoo main
yeah aur baat ai nazroon say dur toon rahta hai


Dil maiN teri mahobbat ke vo khayalaat nahiN haiN
Ashqo maiN sab bah gaye koi jazbaat nahi haiN


Log har mod pay ruk ruk kay sambhaltay kyon hain,
Itna dartay hain to phir ghar say nikaltay kyon hain !


saans lene ka hi gar naam hai gee na .
to sanns lene k bhi andaz badalte rahiye


Jaam ko hothon se lagaya, to peena na aaya.
Uske baad laakh samjhaya, par jeena na aaya.
zakham itne gehre bhi na they, ki bhar na paate.
kambakhat uske bin, hume inhe seena na aaya..


Dard kya hota hai bataayenge kisi roz
Haale-e-dil tumko sunaayenge kisi roz
Thi unki yeh zidd ke main jaaun unko manaane
Mujhko yeh vaham tha woh bulaayenge kisi roz


Hum baitay huway thay tanha is veraan say kuchay mein,
Souch raha tha kaisay jagao is dil ko bujhthay huway andharay mein


aaj hum unhe bewafa bata kar aaye hai,
unke khaton ko pani mein bahakar aaye hai,
koi nikal kar pad na le unhe,
is liye pani mein bhi aag laga kar aaye hai..


Farq sirf aitna sa hai
teri doli uti meri mayet

phool tuj par be paray
phool mug par be paray

tu saj k gai
main sagaya gia

tu uth k gai
main utya gia

sehaliyan teri be thee
doost meray be thay

mehfil wo be thee
log yahan be thay

un k hansna wahan
yahan ain k rona tha

do bol teray paray gai
do bol meray paray gai

tera nikah para gia
mera janaza para gia

tujay apnaya gia
mugay dafnaya gia

firq sirf aitna sa tha
firq sirf aitna sa tha..


Sher O Shayri...Part III

Arz hai...

Dil ke zakhmon ko unse chupana pada,
Palke bheegi thi par muskurana pada,
kaise ulte hai yeh mohabbat k riwaj,
rutna to chate the..par unko manana pada.


Dard ke phool bhi khilte hain bikhar jaate hain,
Zakhm kaise bhi hon kuch roz mein bhar jaate hain.


chahta hoon main muneer iss umar k anjaam par ..
aik aisi zindagi jo iss Qadar mushkil na ho ..


had bhee koi intezar ki hai
ab chandnee dhup ho chalee hai


Tum apni "gehri aankhon mein", naye sapne le ker aai ho

Hum apni bheegi palkon pe, ab khuwab sajana chhor chuke.


woh kr rahe thay apni wafaoon ka tazkara
hum pe nigah pari tu khamosh hoo gaye...


kahaaN ka ishq,wafa,pyaar,mohabbat kaisi ?
aaj kal soney ke sikkoN se badaa kuch bhi nahiN

apne haathoN ki lakeeroN se khafa huuN, lekin
mere mehboob mujhe tujhse gilaa kuch bhi nahiN

ik zamana tha ke palkoN pe khwaab rehte the
ab to aaNkhoN meN aaNsuyoN ke sivaa kuch bhi nahiN

duaa kiije , ke karishma hi koi ho jaaye
iss duinya mai mohabbat ki davaa kuch bhi nahiN

sar-e-mehfil faqat nazreN.. milaayiiN thiiN tumse
ghabraaye kisliye ? humne to kaha kuch bhi nahiN


nahi padh sakoge meri jeevan ki kahani
wo panne phaad dena , jaha se shuru meri baat ho...


khuda ki itna badi kaynaat main maine
bas ek shakhs ko maanga,MUJHE WAHI NA MILA....


Kash haatho ki lakir khich pate hum
aapni takdeer likh pate hum
mumkin hota agar aisa to
aapne hesse ki har khushi tere naam likh jate hum....


Na khawaish,Na tamnna rakhte he hum,
Bas apne hi saye k sang rahte he hum,
Apko kaise bataye kaise he hum?
Bas yuhi samj lijiye k Aap khush he,
toh khush he hum.........


Mana ki bhulna hamari aadat hi sahi,
Magar aapko bhul jana hamare bas mein nahi.
Dil chahe to aazma ke dekh lo,
Hum bhulna bhul jayenge par aapko nahi...


Hotoon pe hai muskurahat
Aankhon mein dard soya hai
Zamaane ko kya khabar ki
Hasne wala kitna rooya hai


Kabhi-kabhi teri palkon pe jhilmilaun mey,
tu kare intezar aur na aau mey,
samundar mey le jakar fareb na kar a dost,
tu kahe toh kinare pe dub jau mey...




Dard Ko bhi Ab DARD Hone laga hai,
DARD khud hi mere zakham dhone lagha hai.
Dard ke saath kabhi Roye Na Hum,
Dard Khud hi Humko chhu kar Rone Lagha hai...


Apni halat ka khud ahsas nahi hai mujhko,
Maine auron se suna hai ki paresan hun main.


Sabke honthon par tabassum tha mere katl ke baad,
Jane kis baat par rota raha katil tanha.


raghon mein daudne phirne ke hum nahin qaayal
jo aankh hi se na tapka, to phir lahoo kya hai





tu kuch es tarah bewafai kar
ki tere bad koi bewafa na lage


Ek naam kya likha tera....shahil ki rait par..
Phir umr bhar hawa se meri dushmani rahi...!!


guzri hai zindagi kuch is tarha se apni
dilon pe raaj kiya phr bhi payar ko tarsey


agar dhekna hai hamari udan ko ,
to jao aur uncha karo aasman ko


koyi hadd hi nahi shayad muhabbat k fasane ki ,
sunata ja raha hai jisko jitna yaad hai...


laonga me kahan se judai ka honsala,
kyon is kadar mere kareeb aa rahe ho tum...


vo haadsa bhi khoob tha jab aansuon ka teer,
nikala kisi ki aankh se auur jakar mujhe laga


is maidan me sooni kashtiyan yuhi nahi.......
zarror yahan bhi koi sailab aaya hoga....


Sher O Shayri...Part II

Arz hai...

A gunah kar kuch aisa gunah,
ki her gunah ,gunah ho jaaye,
gunah hokar bhi, gunah na ho,
aisa yeh gunah ho jaaye...


"rotey rotey mere hasne pe tajjub na karo,
hai wohi baat magar dusre andaaz me hai."


sochiye to husn iitna bewafa hota nahi,
husn ke majburiyon ko berukhi kehte hain log..


hum ko malum hai jannat ke haqeqat lekin,
dil ko kush rakhne ko ghalib yeh khayal achha hai.


Ab aik ansoo giray to ruswa ker deta hai
Bachpan main to je bher ke roya kertay thay


Koi Dikha ke Roye,
Koi chupake roye.....
Humain rulane wale humain rulake roye......
Marne ka maza to tab hain yaro...
jab qaatil Bhi Janaaze pe aake roye


Ye aansu bhi kambakht ek pareshaani hain..
Khushi aur gham dono ki nishaani hain..
samajhne waalon k liye anmol..
aur n samajhne walon k liye ye pani hain..


Zindagi mein Bahut baar waqt aisa aayega..
jab tumhen chaahne wala hi tumhen Rulayega..
Magar vishawas rakhna uspar....
Akele mein Wo Tumse Kahin zyada aansu Bahaayega.......


taseer-e-ishq toh dekhiye patthar bhi mom ho gaya
maine bhi uske zigar par ek teer aisa chala diya


uski bhi thi mazbooriyan mujhe us se koi gila nahi
meri yaad ne meri kabr tak usko bhi aakhir la diya.


ek khamosh sa afsana
aankhon se likha tha
na humne kuch kaha tha
na unhone kuch suna tha!!


Kar lete hai tanhaiyon mein khud se hi baate,
Dard apne dil ka kisi se kaha nahi karte,

APne afsane k khud hi malik hai hum,
APne fasane kisi se kaha nahi karte,

Aandhero se hi kar li hai dosti humne,
Ujaale ab hume bhaya nahi karte,


waffa jab bhool jaati hai kahin meera.. kahin raadha..

kishan bhi chod deta hai labon par bansuri rakhna.


mujhe kya rokengi yeh kashtiyon ki majbooriyaan..

main to haunslon se hi dariyaa paar karta hoon..


jab mujhe ashko ko peena aa gya..
bass.. tabhi se mujhe jeena aa gya.


aaj saansen kuch dhuli dhuli si hain aapki..
aaj jee bhar k roye ho kya ...???


rishte kuch doori tak saath nibhaate hain..
ek na ek din saath nibhaana chudaana padta hai ..

kuch rishte aise bhi to ban jaate hain..
logon ko jaa kar samjhaana padta hai


yun mere vishwaash ka sheesha chakna choor na hota..
tune usko toda fir uske tukdo ko toda hai..


Har baat ko chupana ataa hai tumhein,
Roothon ko manana ataa hai humien.

Roothe ho tum najaane kis baat par ...
To phir wo baat kyun nahi bataate ho humien?


ye baat aur hai ki humaari haiyst nahi vo hume pyaar kare..
aakho ko bas unke hasin chehre ki jhalak paane ki hasrat hai!


tanhaii ki raaton main aksar
uljhi hui neend se kuch pehle
wo jaagte saaye dhundle se
yaad aaye hai,yaad aate hai...
wo andhaa dard ki jisme hum
karwat-karwat karhaate hai
uljhi hui neend se kuch pehle
aksar tanhaii ki raaton main...


vo khud hi jaan lete hai bulandi aasmaan ki,

di nahi jati talem parindo ko udaan ki,


Yehi Wafaa ka silaah hai, to koi baat nahi,

Yeh dard tum ne diya hai, to koi baat nahi,

Yehi bohot hai ke tum dekhte ho sahil se,

Safeena doob raha hai, to koi baat nahi,

Rakha tha aashiyana-e-dil main choopa ke tumko,

Woh ghar tumne chor diya hai to koi baat nahi,

Tum hi ne aayena-e-dil mera banaya tha,

Tum hi ne tor diya hai to koi baat nahi,

Kise majaal kahe koi mujh ko deewana,

Agar yeh tumne kaha hai to koi baat nahi.


Kuch aaj ye waqt ka takaza hai,
Dil mein dard abhi taaza taaza hai,
Gir padte hain aansu mere kagaz par,
Lagta hai kalam me syahi kum or dard jyada hai.


Aaj koyi achhi saja do mujhe.
chalo aisa karo, rula do mujhe.


Sher O shayri....Part I

Arz hai...

zuba khamosh ankho me nami hogi
bas yahi dastane zindgi hogi
bharne ko to har zakham bahr jayega per
per kaise bhare gi wo jagah jaha teri kami hogi.


jisko bhi dekhiye wo addhura sa yehan
jaisa kahin hain auur wo aadha rakha hua
wo jab jehan judde wahin judaiiya milee
ye kaisi bhiid milee bas yeha tanhiyaa milee


aaj hum unki taswir pe..................
or khuda unki thakdir pe roya tha...............
ki aaj unhone hme nahi.........
ek sacche ashiq ko khoya hai........


ya khuda....meri dua....tu kabul kar.....
mujhe khushiyaan tu udaar de....

meri bigdi zindagi sawaar de.....
ek lamha tu mujhe pyar de.....

meri rooh ko qaraar de.......
meri raah ko nikhar de........

gar yeh ho.... saka yeh sitam bhi na kar.....
mujhe ghamoon ki na bahar de....

thadap uta hai zehan mera......
harr nafz se pukara hai.....

mujhe khushiyaan tu udaar de......
mere mehboob ka mujhe pyar de..


unki yaadon ko hamari taqdeer mein likhne wale,
kaash unhein bhi hamari taqdeer mein likha hota


wo to pani ki boond hai jo ankho se beh jaye,
aansu to wo hai jo aankho mei hi reh jaye,
wo pyar kya jo lafjo mei byan ho,
pyar to wo hai joaankho mei nazar aaye....


jab bhi tanhai ne unko sataya hoga,
tab tab unko mera khayal aaya hoga
gum ye nahi hai ki woh bhool gaye humko
gum yeh hai ki ro ro ke bhulaya hoga!!!!!


Waqt NE sari kahani hi badal dali,
Pyar ka naam Jo aata hai to Dar lagta hai,

Zakham kuch aise bhi apno NE diye hai mujhko,
AB koi haath milata hai to Dar lagta hai..


Teri duniaa se jaane ke baad mai tumhe,
Har ek taare me nazar aaya karunga.
Tum har pal koi duaa maang lena,
Or mai har baar toot jaya karunga.


meri mohobat ka mujhse saboot mangi thei ,
meri chahat ka mujh se hisab mangi thei ,
ajib ladki thei sab kuch janane ke bawjood
woh aksar apni baton ka jawaab mangti thei


Koi Umeed bar nahin aati,
koi surat nazaar nahin aati,
Pehle aati thi haal-e-dil pe hasi,
Ab kisi baat par nahin aati,
Hai kuch aisi hi baat ki chup hoon,
warna kya baat kar nahin aati.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Some Indian Facts....

Facts about India....

1. India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers (the US and Japan are other two)

2.India is one six countries that launches satellites

3.The Bombay stock exchange list more than 6000 companies. Only the NYSE has more

4. Eight Indian companies are listed on the NYSE; three on the NASDAQ

5. By volume of pills produced, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world's second largest after china

6. India has the second largest community of software developers, after the US

7. India has the second largest network of paved highways, after the US

8. India is the world's largest producer of milk, and among the top five producers of sugar, cotton,tea, coffee, spices, rubber, rubber, silk and fish

9. 100 of the Fortune 500 companies have R & D facilities in India

10. Two million people of Indian origin live in the US

11. Indian born Americans are among the most affluent and best educated of the recent immigrants groups in the US

12. 30% of the R & D researchers in American pharmaceutical comapnies are indian american

13. Nearly 49% of the high tech startups in silicon valley and washington DC are owned by Indian and Indian american

14. India sends more students to US college than any country in the world. Last year more than 80000 students

The Last Lecture....

Do you remember the person named Alfread Nobel. Many of us, atleast for Nobel prize. Few might know the story behind starting the award. To recall,some local newspaper mistaken some another person to Alfread Nobel and publish artical about his death. Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.he thought how he is going to remembered and realize his mistake and what he did. So started a Nobel prize, for doing excellency in science and serving humanity. We can just read but can't feel it.
Here is the chance to feel how you would like to remembered to world.This is a story of a person named Randy Pousch, a professor of computer science in Carnegie Mellon university. Pioneer of virtual reality. He might not alive while writing this. He is suffering from rare disease, terminal pancreatic cancer. So he gave a thought to give one last lecture to all. To all of the students, couleges, parents and everyone of us. This is all about persuing your childhood dreams,helping others to achieve their dreams.In the end you will come to know how will you like to remembered to rest of the world when your physical presence is not there.How you want to leave your mark to rest of world? As a person who not only fulfill all his childhood dreams in some another way and show the people how to achieve it.
A must see for everyone, who believes in dreams, who just dont want to come and visit this world.

Here are some links.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Color of Life..


If everything is coming your way, then you may in be the wrong lane!

Children have never past nor future , they enjoy the present which very few people do...

Winning isn't everything......but WANTING 2 WIN is............

A race never means YOU have to defeat others
it means YOU have to win.........

Win as if u are used 2 it..& lose as if u took it for a change...

30 Years from now, it won't matter what shoes u wore, how ur hairs looked or the jeans u bought.
What will matter is what u learned and how u used it...

if you don't understand one's silence, you won't understand their words....

Don't struggle for existance .. but struggle for success ..

Illusion is the first of all pleasures...

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible....

The truth is rarely pure and never simple....

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.”

“Women will forgive anything. Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago.”

The man who can drive himself farther once the effort gets painful is the man who will win...

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow...

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop...

What you see, yet can not see over, is as good as infinite.

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought...

Life has the name of life, but in reality it is death...

I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally...

One man believes in existence,
Another says, "There is nothing!"
Rare is the man who believes in neither.
He is free from confusion....

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self....

Illusion is the first of all pleasures...

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination....

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end...

There is only one thing worse that being talked about, that’s not being talked about...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to HACK using Google

How to HACK using Google?

Google is a very very very powerful tool! If you know how the Internet works and you know how Google works, you can find out some “very secret information” from the dark corners of the Internet.
Google tries to “index” everything that is on the Internet. What does “index” mean? Basically, “index” means, read and remember!
Google is reading websites on the Internet 24 hours a day. It is looking at new websites and new web pages. It looks at each web page and finds out what the web page is about. It decides how good the web page is and also decides many other things about the web page…
Google does all this so that when you search for something using Google, it can give you the most relevant results from among the web pages it has visited. This is what we mean when we say that Google tries to index everything on the Internet.
Since Google indexes the Internet, we can find things that are hidden in all the corners of the Internet. If some one has put their password on the net, you can find it! If a big online shopping site, has put all the credit card information of it’s customers on the net, you can find it! You can find some very interesting things if you know how to use Google!

The "funda" behind Google hacks!

On the Internet, the files are saved in the same way as they are saved on your computer. All the files are organized into folders so that they are easy to understand and use.
For example: On your computer, you may have different folders like, “music” or “videos” or “documents” etc.. On the Internet also files are generally organized into folders. For example, a mp3 music website site may have all the songs that the website provides in a directory called “songs”!
Note that, it’s not as simple as that. All the big sites, that serve 1000’s of songs and charge for it, are not going to just have their “songs” directory in the open for anyone to hack. There are many ways to protect your website from these Google hacks! Most big websites are protected from Google hacks.

But, this hack is still quite useful because there are many small websites out there who have their “songs” directory in the open and un-protected for anyone to see…
The words:

* Index of
* Name
* Last Modified
* Size
* Description

will be part of almost every un-protected directory. There is also one other part that is there in every un-protected directory on the Internet. This part is, the words: “Index of” in the “Title” of the web page.

If you are not sure what the "title" of a web page is, you could look up to the top-most part of this window. The line right on top is called the title.

Similarly, the title of an unprotected web-page will have the words “Index of” in it. So, we are going to get Google to search for all these web pages of un-protected directories. We will be able to do this, using some basic Google commands....

Basic Google commands...

Google is a search engine and a whole lot more. There are many cool things you can do with Google…For example: Try this….go to Google and type in “122131 + 32112” or “13324 - 231” or “2332 / 231” See what it gives you. Google can also be used as a calculator!

But, that is not needed for what we are trying to do. We just mentioned it so that you would know that there is a lot that Google can do….

What we are trying to do is look for pages that have:

* The phrase “Index of” in the title
* The phrase “Index of” on the page
* The word “Name” on the page
* The word “Size” on the page
* The word “Description” on the page
* The word “Last Modified” on the page

If you we find pages that fit this criteria, we will have found all the un-protected directories on the Internet. So how do we do this?

Type this line in the Google search box:
intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

When you search for this, you will find all the un-protected directories on the Internet that Goggle has found! Try to see what people have stored in the unprotected directories! It could be fun!

But, what is more important is, let us try to understand how that line works. Once you understand how that line works, you will be able to make your own lines and extract all sorts of cool things out of Google.

The line: intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

It is made up of many different small Google commands. The different commands are:

intitle:"index of" : This tells Google to only search for web pages with the term “index of” in the Title of the web page. The term “intitle:” is called an OPERATOR.

So if you have intitle:"index of" in the search box, Google knows that it has to search for only pages with “index of” in the title…

+"index of" : This tells Google that all the pages that come in the search results, must have “index of” on the page.

The “+” basically tells Google that whatever is after the “+” MUST be there in all the pages that Google provides in the results.

For example: You go to Google and type in “monkey +cat” it will provide all the pages that have the term monkey and also have the term “cat” in them. If you just type in “monkey cat” then the pages that have “monkey or cat” or “monkey and cat” may show up in the search results.

Basically, just remember if you want all searched pages to have a particular word, use the “+”! This is useful is the cases when you are searching for a “synonym” kind of word.

For example: Let us say you are searching for an article about “voice recognition”. But whenever, you type in “voice recognition” the results that come are about “Asha Bhosle”! But what you are looking for is the “method” of voice recognition.

So, to clear up the results, you can use a search terms like this:
“voice recognition” +method –“Asha Bhosle"

Now, you may get much better search results! The search results will be about “voice reognition”…. It will have only pages with the word “method” in them and it will NOT have pages with the term “Asha Bhose” in them.

Things to notice:

* If you put anything within “quotation” marks, Google searches for that exact phrase
* A “+” behind a term will make sure that term is there in all the results pages
* A “-“ behind a term will make sure that term is NOT there in all the results pages
* There is NO SPACE between the “+” and the term or the “-“ and the term. Basically there is no space between the “operator” and the term.

Having understood all this, let us look at the whole line again. It should make much more sense:

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

The line basically tells Google to search for pages with:

* The phrase “index of” in the title
* The phrase “index of” somewhere on the page
* The word “name” somewhere on the page
* The word “size” somewhere on the page
* The word “description” somewhere on the page
* The word “modified” somewhere on the page

And if you understood everything till now, you will see how this command can be used to find all the un-protected directories on the Internet! Look at it carefully....

intitle:"index of" +"index of" +size +name +description +modified

Now, let us do cool stuff….let us find ebooks, games, songs etc.. in these un-protected directories!

Now use your brain a little and see the magic....cheers


What is it? I ask this question to maseff.. In this journey of 25 so called years (?), had seen many faces,came across untold truths, trying to figure out mistry which keeps us going.Sometimes I think to myseff, why I am doing this? "WHY" for me the real mystry of life...why sometimes people compramise on most valuable things of life and sometimes give up for least one. Why we can love someone passionatly and at the same time hate someone. Why we think there is right and wrong when there is only 'right'.
Sometime we think "Life is beautiful' and sometimes it sucks. Do life changes..for me No.. it is same, right from the moment I was born. For me it is journey, like a rollar coaster ride.. just enjoy it.. take it as experience...and try best to use it..
Most of us infact all of us want to be successful in life. What makes one successful? by following path of successful people? I would rather say one should meet the people who faced the failure so that you should not repeat those mistake.. Dreams... Life.. is like a dream. Life like dream is a mystry, but one thing is most comman between them, as you can dream about what you want, you can have a life you want. What is differnce between success and failure.. just lack of vision..
Action, drama, thriller, horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi...dis is life for me...
Camera is rolling, lights are ON, and I am da only leading actor, standing on a set, and enjoying my act....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kavi Kumar Biswas.. Poem I like most...

koi diwana kehta hai..koi pagal samjta hai..
magar dharti ki baicheni..ko bas badal samjta hai...
tu mujhase dur kaisi hai main tuzse dur kaisa hu,
yeh mera dil samjta hai na tera dil samjta hai...

mahobat ek aisa sog ki pawan si kahani hai
kabhi kabira diwana tha kabhi meera diwani hai..
yaha sab log kehte hai ki mere aankho me aansu hai..
jo tu samjhe to moti hai jo na samjhe to pani hai..

Bahut tula bahot bikhara thapede seh nahi paaya..
hawaaon ke isharo par, magar main beh nahi paya...
adhoora ansuna hi reh gaya yeh pyar ka kissa...
adhoora ansusna hi reh gaya yeh pyaar ka kissa...
kabhi tu sun nahi paaryi kabhi main keh nahi paya...

bhramar koi kumdani par machal baitha to hungama
humare dil me koi khwab pal baitha to hungama...
abhi tak log sunte the kissa mahobat ka...
main kisse ko hakikat me badal baitha to hungama...

samundar peer ka andar hai lekin ro nahi sakta...
yeh aansu pyar ka moti, ise main kho nahi sakta...
meri chahat ko tu apna bana lena magar sunle...
meri chahat ko tu dulhan bana lena magar sunle..
jo mera ho nahi paaya woh tera ho nahi sakta...

swaym se dur ho tum bhi.... swaym se dur hai hum bhi...
bade mashhoor ho tum bhi...bade mashhoor hai hum bhi..
bade magroor ho tum bhi... bade magroor ho tum bhi..
aatah bade majboor ho tum bhi..
bade majboor hai hum bhi...

Best poem of 2006

This was nominated as a best poem of 2006 by UN...

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray
And you calling me colored?

Why ???

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Thoughts About Life

Most of da people say.. I am a dialog master... may be I am... My punishment is greater dan I can bear.....

1. There is only one truth in dis world... it is 'Yes' or 'No'....other dan dis everythin is manipulation...

2. In life success comes to those who dares to imagine and work hard to turn their imagination into reality....

3. It takes lot of courage to show ur dreams to someone else...

4. Ur thoughts become ur dreams, ur dreams becomes ur goals and convert ur goals into vision... coz vision becomes Reality...

5. The bad thing about good thing is that they come to and end... the good thing about bad thing is dat they come to and end too...

6. The most difficult thing to knw abt anything is 'Why'.... if u came to knw 'Why' u'll get everythin...

7. The gud thing abt being a 'Hedonist' is dat u dont hv emotions...

8. Philosophy always comes from unconscious mind.....

9. Being a good person is like a being a goal-keeper. No matter how many goals we save, people will always remember how many we miss.....Dats da fact about life..

10. In da midst of Life we r in dead. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ma world.....

Each friend represent a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrived, and it is by this meeting a new world is born.....Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... it has no survival values; rather is one of those things that give value to survival..

He is Mayur Patil... I call him Patil saheb... Someone like a big bro... for me... for everyone...
Probably the only guy in dis entire universe who never ever say 'No' to anyone... Very very rich ba heart...I cant express what he had done for me... Whatever I am, he had a great role to play... Very understanding and the one with whom u can share ur everythin... everythin...
Each n every person of our group share their everything with him... coz we know he is the only guy who can tell u wht shud we need to do, ven v r confused......
I always want him wid me... we had a wonderful time at Hyderabad... such a memories with him which i can't forget all of ma life... thanx patil saheb.. for everthin... even i wont be here in dis world but ma blessings will be with u always..... always...

This is Sachin... and for me Sachin da... very different in deed... whatever he may do, but he always wish that his each and every friend shud be happy forever... he is the one who cries with u, ven u r crying... Very talented... and very down to earth... He is a such a kinda person, even if he is not happy inside, he wont let u feel so and will always try to make u smile....
Cares for me a lot... for him i m still a kid... i always like to share ma dreams, feelings and thoughts with him...we had planed to take admission into same IIT but unfortunately we are not...and after what is going thru in ma life, he always says that i shud b with him... coz he feel that no one is here with me who can understand me and who will care for me... i wish i shud have taken admission to Roorkee... i need u Sachin... all the time... i donno where i'll be now but always wana tell u dat i really cherish ur friendship.. and will always...

Ashish... A friend is one who brings out the best in u... He is a such a kinda person... always wana to make his friends successful... even if u r not trying for urself...he will try it for u... without even getting noticed ba u...
Friends are like flowers, beautiful flower; friends are like beautiful flower in garden of life... he is a beautiful flower in ma life... he is still struggling in his life but yet so much successful...coz u r a king maker... If it is said that we got 7 lifes to live, in each n every life i want dat u shud be with me..
i need u badly...
always be with me...

Anup...I meet him very lately and all of ma life i'll regret abt this thing...i wish v shud hv meet much before.. i got very little time to spend with him but those are the memories of life... The most emotional guy in our group... cries a lot for two person in his life... cant tell u da one but others are all above people... u'll always hv great time with him... always... jolly person of our group...
As i was very new in his life, i tght he'll forget me after goin to US... i was wrong... he still calls me...
and anup i dont expect anything but just a call...
it makes me so happy.. i get the feeling dat u r in ma life and always be.....
Mr. NRI... i miss u yaar... come soon...we all need u...

Navnath... aka Nanni... der are very few people who can understand him...the most creative guy in our group, every sentimental, very emotional n very sweet... we hv'nt spend much time together but he became a part of life... very straight forward... but very pure ba hrt... if he is angry abt u den he'll straight away slap u... u need to feel anything coz he cant keep anything in his hrt.. he slaps u means he loves u a lot...
a bit careless dats y v all r worried abt him...
as i said very few people can understand him dats y v r worried abt him all da time..
for dis reason der is atleast one guy from our group is always with him...
he always need such a person who can care for him... Nanni u knw that though i m not with u right now, i always care fore u and i wish i cud spend all of ma time with u... love u Nanni...

All my friends are such a good persons unlike me.....i m very bad person but still they are with me... i hurt them many time... i am sorry for all dat.. dats da only thing i can say... but i need u till i m alive... and i wish ven i'll die, u people shud be with me at dat time...
if v ver leaving in a world to say i love u would make more sense, i wud always say u, i love u...
i learn one thing in ma life....
if u treat ur frnd as they shud be, they will become one of the crowd. if u treat ur frnd as they ought to be treated, they will become and individual..
it is said dat Love it blind, but... friendship closes his eyes... and no one can understand dis thing better dan me....

Love u always... though i'll be not here in dis very own world but ma love for u people will b der wid u.... do miss me...dats da only thing i want...
be happy always...

love u guys...

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I wish this should not happen to anybody. So people speak out if you Love someone...

This is a love story of some guy..

10th Grade:-

As I sat there in English class,
I stared at the girl next to me.
She was my so called 'best friend'.
I stared at her long, silky hair,
and wished she was mine.
But she didn't notice me like that,
and I knew it.
After class,
she walked up to me and asked me for
the notes she had missed the day before.
I handed them to her.She said 'thanks'
and gave! me a kiss on the cheek.
I want to tell her, I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

11th grade:-

The phone rang. On the other end,
it was her. She was in tears,
! mumbling on and on about how
her love had broke her heart.
She asked me to come over
because she didn't want to be alone, So I did.
As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her
soft eyes, wishing she was mine.

After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie,
and three bags of chips,
she decided to go home.
She looked at me, said 'thanks'
and gave me a kiss
on the cheek..I want to tell her,
I want her to know that
I don't want to be just friends,
&n! bsp; I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

Senior year:-

One fine day she walked to my locker.
"My date is sick" she said,
"hes not gonna go" well,
I didn't have a date, and in 7th grade,
we made a promise that
if neither of us had dates,
we would go together just as 'best friends'.
So we did.
That night, after everything was over,
I was standing at her front door step.
I stared at her as She smiled at me
and stared at me with her crystal eyes.
! Then she said- "I had the best time, thanks!"
and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.


A day passed, then a week, then a month.
Before I could blink, it was graduation day.
up on stage to get her diploma.
I wanted her to be mine-but
she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it.
Before everyone went home,
she came to me in her smock and hat,
and cried as I hugged her.
Then she lifted her head from my shoulder
and said- 'you're my best friend,
thanks' and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.


Now I sit in the pews of the church.
That girl is getting married now.
and drive off to her new life,
married to another man.
I wanted her to be mine,
but she didn't see me like that,
and I knew it.
But before she drove away,
she came to me and said 'you came !'.
She said 'thanks' and kissed me on the cheek.
I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
&nbs! p; I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.


Years passed, I looked down at the coffin
of a girl who used to be my 'best friend'.
At the service, they read a diary entry
she had wrote in her high school years.
This is what it read:
'I stare at him wishing he was mine,
but he doesn't notice me like that,
and I know it.
I want to tell him,
I want him to know that
I don't want to be just friends,
I love him but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.
I wish he would tell me he loved me !
.........'I wish I did too...'

I thought to my self, and I cried.

Friday, March 2, 2007

My Life at IITB....

Indian Institute Of Technology..... better known as IIT....
A dream place in India for every engineer......
I am here in IIT BOMBAY...... one of my dream place.....
It was 26th of July 2006 when I landed up here....
I was here before quite a few times....
But this time feeling was different... I am going to stay here for 24 months....
It was great feelings...
Now some seven months type are gone.....
Here I have come across some very good friends.....This post is for that you too should know some of my buddies...
Let the people know about my friends....

This is Subbu....Actually his name is Subodh but I like to call him Subbu and now he is famous by this name....... We were at same college that is MIT (not that USA wala..aapna desi).... But we hardly spoke to each other though we have common friends....But now he is one of my best buddies....
A very good person indeed... yeah sometimes behaves childish... but clean hearted...... At the time preparing for GATE we three means I, Subbu and Sachin had decided that we'll take admission in the same IIT..... unfortunately Sachin didn't got admission here and he went to IIT we both were here....came with plans to stay together...... I had shared some of the finest moments here with him...... He was with me whenever I need someone..
My first semester went in frustration because IIT was not upto my expectations... He was here thats why still I am here otherwise I would have left this place........ He is the one to whom I can tell everything what is happening with me..
I am a bit crack person.... so most of the time I hurt him but still he is with me... I owe lot to him...... May be I was never able to say that I need him all the time...... As a friend.....

Meet another super duper guy..... he is Sachin.....
He is Subbu's classmate... a very good friend of us.......
He is one of the coolest person ever I have seen... at the same time most brave person..... brave..there is some another reason which I can write here....... but wish I could be brave like him...... Perfect for software job..(this is what I think because he can learn any damn software any damn language by himself very quickly..)....... He was also one of few people who were with me..... anytime.... And one of very very few who thinks that I am normal...hahahahaha...
You can see from his cool he is..always... His experience was very useful to crack our first semester in IIT.........I always try to learn new different things from him.... I wish he should get what he want from his life.......

Ahhhhh..what should I say about him.... He was my first dushman in IIT... he is Sanju... Sanju from Belgaon (Karnataka)..... thats why I called him dushman... If not getting then leave it.... He is the sweetest person you can come across....... He is really sweet chap... Also among those jinka maine kafi dimag khaya hai....... He is one of the example how people can be so nice........
And yeah one of very few people who says I hate you to mee....... hahahahaha.... But the fact is he loves his friends very much.... A really talented in deed.. but hamare wajah se thoda bighad gaya hai... specially because of me.... I know I know I am bad boy..... But ha thoda maja bhi aata hai isse bighadane me........... We four people were always together in first semester...... and wish we could....

Now here comes Nachiket...... The only other guy other than me who is crack...(people say like that.. but the fact is he is the most talented and genius person).....
Chalo accha hai.... People do compare with me the some fandu person like him..... Real genius who thinks.... and capable of thinking what normal people cant think.... My friends used to call him as a second Veeru..(now you must be thinking who is Veeru..I'll come to him just finishing with Nachiket)..... We had some of the great discussion with him.... I love to have discussion with him. no matter what the topic is..... He is best in that one..
And will remain best...... He going to do PhD... I am sure is real researcher...and he will do some great work... I am waiting for that moment...... hope so it will come soon.....

Here comes Veeru part 1st...... Veeru himself...
Great Veeru.....
We always say Great Veeru because he is great..
in each and every sense... you will come to know as soon as you meet him..... The matter of fact har koi darta hai, Veeru se.....specially his classmate...
ohh actually he is senior to us.... But he is one of my best buddies..... my sutta partner... my movies partner... my bear partner... my discussion partner.....and what more......
You hardly come across such a jolly person... Has got some amazing logics... may be one of the best I had come across..... What can I say about him..jitni tarif karo kam padegi..... He got placed in GE... soon he is going to leave IIT... I'll miss his company.... I'll miss our sutta, beer and movie days........ I'll miss you boss...

Another suttebaj like me.... My padosi, my classmate..(by the way none of above people are my classmate)... One of the most laziest guy ever I have seen...
at the same time one of the sharp mind.... If he was not lazy then he would be at some different place.... He was with me thats why I had (or we) cracked first semester...
We always fight for sutta... who will buy and who is going to bring sutta..... Sutta is the thing the thing we keep us fighting..... Pakka Bihari...... I had learn some high class Bihari galies... and now I can talk in Bihari tone... I love that one.... There may be hardly few days when he wake up by himself and had attained classes... otherwise as a padosi, daily it is my duty to wake him up....A very good dialogbaaj...
I had copied some of his dialog but I am not going to say here...... secret... Waise I always call him Mota because he is Mota.. most worried about his big belly.. trying hard (in his sense) to reduce it... Hope so at the end of his Mtech he'll do that thing.....

Meet my second classmate.... he is Brajeshwaa.. (this is what I call him..typical bihari tone).. actually his name is Brajesh but in Bihar they usually add "waa" in the end..... waise dekha jaye to he seems brother of Mark Waugh....Brajesh Waugh....... He is another classic example of what can happen to you if your friend circle is not good.... When he came here he was too shy, never spoke any slang language...but due to my company now he can also pass comments on girls and gali to sikha hi de di hamane.....
Very practical.... ready to do if he is capable of doing that thing.... If he cant they he wont lie...he'll say ok boss this thing I cant do for you.... I'll like this approach.. Very sentimental person inside... Have very big dreams.... Desires... Always trying to make them come true....
And I know on some another day he'll do that thing.....

Meet my bro..... He is Kanishk... He is in second year Btech Mech (mech rocks.).... He is like brother to me.....Very very sweet chap.... Very very clean hearted.... I dont have any brother, if at all I wana have then like him only...
He have very special place in my life... and he had given me something which I cant say... That thing had changed me completely... Just because of this chap some of my hidden desires came true.... If he wont be here then that my hidden desire would never fulfilled.. I owe some part of life to him..some part because there is someone else too to whom I owe my complete life.... I like his company... He is great thinker....He can write good poems too.... creative guy..... what else...jitna bhi likho kam hai..... Hope so we'll be in touch through out my life.........

PJ..... Pratik another brother. I think, I am a bit lucky when comes about friends...Friends like PJ makes this come true... If you wana see what is mean by nice person then just meet PJ....
Brilliant but at the same time down to earth...shy, charming, innocent, got very cute smile and above all very clean heart....I wish I can be like these people... Engineer in true sense... Always think technically..I know that he is gonna be very great person...
I enjoy his company too.... specially when come to mechanical engineering... He is Kanishk's classmate...(Once mech, always mech..). I'll miss his company too..... These are the people to whom I would always like to be with......
I just can pray that he should get whatever he want from his life.......

Girish...Third person from BTech gang... Perfect friendship between Kanishk, PJ and Girish.... Perfect in all the sense.... They are very similar in characteristics too.....
Another very sweet and nice guy you can ever meet.... These all three guys are like brother to me... What I like most is they are very straight forward means very clean hearted..... Girish has got some great enthu so he is one of the most active person in every IIT event... Very hardworking... these three are the people with whom I had celebrated my New Year at Juhu beach.......That was the first time we had spend some considerable amount of time together....
This New Year game me some very good friends......and wish I will in touch with them till my last New Year of my life......